How To Become A Muslim

Before we learn about basic of Islam, let us watch a movie:
Islamic believers need to master these two (2) things:

everybody can be a Muslim, but only true believer transcended to become Mukmin. Once you truly practice these two things, you will be become a respected Islamic pious person (soleh) regardless of gender

Six (6) rules to become a MUKMIN:
  • Believe in Allah (the one god)

  • Believe in Angels

  • Believe in Holy Books

  • Believe in Prophets and Messengers

  • Believe in The Day of Judgement

  • Believe in Qada' (Divine Decree of Will) and Qadar (Divine Decree of Destiny)

Five (5) rules to become a MUSLIM:
  • Say The Syahadah

  • Pray five (5) times a day

  • Pay zakat

  • Fasting in Ramadan month (one month)

  • Go for Hajj if capable